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~ 12 Days of a Native Christmas ~


Here is alittle something that will bring a smile to your face and also have you looking upon on how life is suppose to be simple and following of our traditional ways. Some of us are traditional and some are not. That is each of our own to carry as long as we respect each other, that is all that Gzhemindoo wants from us. Enjoy this writing and think of what your blessings are during this festive season for those who choose to celebrate.

I pray that this festive season has brought many blessings to each and every one of you including your family and extended families. There is a message here for each and everyone who receives this, a special message if one looks into one’s heart. Here you will find for those that do celebrate this festive time something which will make one smile but also reflect on how we look at a specific time of 12 days. For those that do not celebrate the words here speak of what we walk with on a daily basis. Most importantly this is a teaching as different teachers bring different words and meanings. What we must remember is that we are all special and give thanks to Gzhemindoo – The Creator for the blessing and gift of life and breath.

This has been a trying year for many of us in different ways. Lessons were learned and some were very costly and teachings gained have brought us knowledge as growth yet again to our daily lives. This is a story for all people and I wanted to share this with you as these words carry much power and strength. Importance of being true to your heart and having respect for each of our customs and beliefs. That is a gift and blessing on its own. We all walk different roads in life and we carry from birth the knowledge of our ancestors and walk tall and proud. Life is a dance, so dances hard and also dance very proudly. No one can take this away from anyone.

Sometimes we forget in our daily lives that we are not alone. Gzhemindoo – The Creator is always with us no matter what we do or the choices we make, yes having a choice is a blessing. What is important is that we are smiled upon and respect for ourselves so that others will have respect for us.

As we prepare for the ending of a year and preparing for the beginning of a new year please take the time to reflect on your newly gained knowledge that this year has brought to you. Smile to a stranger, give your parents or guardians an extra hug, and thank your friends for being there. Most importantly, speak the words that are in your hearts for that is a gift and blessing which we not often think has an affect on our daily lives.

If a situation is negative here is something for you to ponder on, look upon it as an opportunity to go and change it to positive. If someone does not return your love or friendship send those prayers and healing for we all need them. These past few days I have heard so much of people talking about others behind their backs. Let go of the past so that the new can come into your life. Be the best you can be and remember that Gzheminidoo – The Creator is always there for us and we have nothing to prove to anyone except ourselves and to him.

May this time bring you all the blessings and gifts which you all deserve. You are all very special people and we at times tend to forget to say miigwetch – thank you for just being you. I pray that this upcoming year be the best for each and every one of you. Embrace what is to come as Gzheminidoo – The Creator gave us two eyes to look at things twice, two ears to hear things twice and one mouth to say it once. Share your stories, teachings and wisdom for the person who needs to hear words will understand the power and strength for the blessing comes with it.

Peace on all of your journeys including your dream times. Grandmother Moon is our night Sun and she watches over us and helps us to heal and see in dream time and walk for some in the night skies. Gzheminidoo – The Creator has given us the blessing of life to walk our journey and be the best we can be.

~ 12 Days of a Native Christmas ~

On the First Day of Christmas, Mishomiss - Grandfather gave to me, an EAGLE sitting on a cedar tree. Remember, the EAGLE climbs the highest and represents Spirit and takes our prayers to the high places as EAGLE is a link to Gzheminidoo – The Creator, the One who was able also to climb to the heavens and for all, to take our prayers. He is the Intercessor for all mankind.

On the Second Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave me two RAVEN/CROW. Remember, the RAVEN/CROW represent Keeper of Sacred Law and Sacred Messages from the different realms and in this song the represent the Old Testament and the New Laws that brought death and mercy that has brought life and spiritual wisdom.

On the Third Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me the three Sacred Drums – for the Drums beat our the sound of Aki – Mother Earth while we pray to the Mishomiss – Grandfather, so as you hear them beat, remember we now know that there is faith, hope and love The Creator, Son and Holy Spirit.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me four talking Feathers for the Feathers remind us that: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were given the talking Feathers by the Mishomiss – Grandfather himself, to tell his story to us all.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave me five prayer ties for we must remember that the law did not vanish and though we live by grace, there is a law to be followed and we humbly submit to that law, in offering our prayers to Gzheminidoo – The Creator.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me, six Hawks a laying for we celebrate the creation of Aki – Mother Earth and say Miigwetch – thank you to Gzheminidoo – The Creator for giving us all life, through our prayers, often using the Feathers of this sacred bird to smudge us in preparation of that prayer time.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me seven Grandfather stones for the Sweat Lodge for we must remember the gifts of Spirit are the Seven Teachings and we learn how to walk in these gifts through our fear and awe of Gzheminidoo – The Creator, we do this praying in our lodges. The Sweat Lodge is where we go when we want to purify ourselves and speak directly to him. The steam from the Mishomiss -Grandfather Stones is what cleans our bodies, heart, mind and thoughts.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave me Eight great Bears for we want to remember the beatitudes, the blessings Gzheminidoo – The Creator promised to come to his people in their time of need. He never leaves us and always is there through all life. The Bear represents Introspection, Protection and Vision Guardian and Strength. The Bear represents his provision for our health, our very existence, as did the blessings he invoked on the people, the meek, those who weep, and the poor all people have provision in him.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me Nine precious Elders for as we sit at the feet of the Elders, we hear how we can walk in the fruits of Gzheminidoo – The Creator they have always taught these truths through our Seven Teachings, we just didn’t know that they were the same truth taught by the talking leaves the white man has brought to us. The teachings of the ancestors is carried through to the present day and are not new but new to those who did not have open ears until the words turned them around to have RESPECT for all life and living things. As we are taught this from a very young age and carried down from generation to generation.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me Ten Eagle Dancers for our Eagle Dancers dance for all people, to protect the people, to keep the people in wholeness and wellness. As the Ten Commandments were also keep the people whole, to protect them from their own negative thoughts.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me, the Eleven Braids of Sweet Grass, for we all send the smell of the sweet grass, hair of Aki – Mother Earth to the heaven lies, it invites those of realm of the Mishomiss – Grandfather, to enter into our world to guide and speak to us. In this we remember the faithful, eleven who stood by Gzheminidoo – The Creator ready to do his will and work, so that it is with those we invite to our lives to guide us, if sent by Gzheminidoo – The Creator.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Mishomiss – Grandfather gave to me Twelve Drummers singing for the drums he gave on the third day can help us to pray and if we do not have four drummers each to beat out the heartbeat of Aki – Mother Earth and for the four colors of man and the four directions. It’s people to Gzheminidoo – The Creator and when we as Natives are on the drum and also hand drum, we call it singing, because it is more than just the drumming. WE honor all by singing and using the drum as it represents the heart beat of Aki – Mother Earth.

Remember you are not alone regardless of what culture you come from. To acknowledge yourself is to acknowledge your heritage and your quest for being the best you can be. That is a blessing and gift all on its own. I am honored that we sat in circle here as you read what has also much meaning in my heart. For the more we learn we find out how little we know and strive to be the best we can be. To give of you is to honor Gzheminidoo – The Creator as he has given us his life so that we may live.

Baamaapii miinawaa gaawabamin

Dbik Gii’zhigate-kwe “Moonie”

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